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te. the audience is packed in right now in danville kentucky. they seem like a happy lot. looking forward to the debate. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: we were just saying evuncular is trending on twitter now. >> cenk: sometimes the tweets are quite funny, and i enjoy watching them throughout the debate. but michael is also at the map, and he is going to show us something really important now which is the tightening of the race since the last time we were all together. >> yeah, you know, i think, though, that one of the things that we have to realize is that while the race has tightened, ands the numbers have shown up a lot tighter, the state polls are
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still showing obama in the lead. i'm going to be a little bit generous now to mitt romney in talking a little bit about what biden has to do tonight. last week it was pretty clear that romney didn't start winning the election he just stopped losing the election. and joe has been called to come in here and be the happy warrior. but let's be generous to mitt romney for one moment. we'll give him the state that are within the margin of error. we're going to give the president new hampshire, ohio iowa, and then what we're going to do is give colorado to mitt romney, and then look what happens. all of a sudden what happens in vegas, doesn't necessarily stay
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in vegas on election night. whoever wins nevada goes on to the presidency. this paints a picture of how difficult it is going to be. electorally, it is still a big flog for governor romney. >> cenk: michael what you just said is really interesting, but it goes to show how much it is for romney because the president isn't going to lose wisconsin. >> okay. he is not going to lose wisconsin. >> cenk: if things go anywhere near normal. >> yeah. >> cenk: can you put wisconsin back in the category of the president -- >> yeah, if i give wisconsin and ohio to the president, and give romney virginia -- give him the south, virginia north carolina florida -- already the president is just one electoral vote away
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from the presidency. so either iowa colorado, or nevada, states where he is really polling well -- >> cenk: can i just jump? here -- >> eliot: >> eliot: your math is exactly right, and cenk and i two weeks ago said this race was over, and obviously we were wrong about that. the problem with the excise excise -- exercise you are going through is things can break and if joe biden puts a turn indicate on the bleeding wonderful, but say ohio and the polls in some of those states you are taking for granted may not stop where we need them to stop. >> jennifer: the question is though, if it is a tie -- if both sides walk away saying my guy won, is that enough to stop the momentum?
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>> eliot: tonight? >> jennifer: uh-huh. >> eliot: i don't think so. >> cenk: that goes to a problem we have in the media. progressives are honest. if you lose you say hey, the president lost that one, and then the right-wing says it the left-wing says it, the media says it, and it gets a life of its own. and the republicans don't return the favor. they said we won. >> jennifer: tonight if joe biden has some good comebacks, if he is strong and gets the base feeling like all right we have some fight in us and there's a few good takeaways, then that's enough to keep what michael shure is talking about in place. keep that on hold. there was a poll right, michael that came out today, nbc and cbs
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both i think that gave some hope to the democrats. >> right. >> eliot: everybody needs to take a chill pill. on the other hand two weeks ago everybody thought this race was over -- >> jennifer: that was you guys. >> eliot: that was mitt romney running the worst campaign in modern history -- >> john: and that hasn't changed -- >> eliot: it has changed. john don't defy the polls and everybody in the public is saying our president performed horrendously. mitt romney has turned this around and that's why i'm saying joe biden needs to score a win tonight. >> john: i spent last week in madison, wisconsin, and i was surprised at how many signs i
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saw saying reelect, paul ryan all over the place. we'll be right back. don't go away. yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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>> cenk: back on current's coverage of the vice presidential debate. it is in kentucky tonight. paul ryan versus vice president joe biden. i'm here with governor eliot spitzer, governor grandholm from "the war room," john fugelsang, and i want to talk about strategy now. governor grandholm you were talking about finding daylight between the vice presidential and presidential side of the ticket. on the republican side we have plenty of opportunity to do that because ryan is even more conservative and right-wing than
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romney is. how do you think biden -- >> jennifer: yeah biden asks paul ryan, do you still endorse, for example, the personhood amendment that you cosponsored with representative akin which says that a woman cannot choose even if her health, or even life is in danger. i want to know what he is going to say to that? he is going to be back pedal or just give a brood answer -- i hope biden doesn't let him get away with that. >> eliot: can i -- sorry. >> cenk: that is really interesting -- you have to be really careful about this. i would go further and say, hey, paul ryan, if god forbid you were to become president, would you go back to your idea of medicare and social security
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vouchers. would you go to the vouchers? would you take away people's medicare and social security as they know it and don't hide behind, i'm on the romney ticket. what is your idea? >> jennifer: the question will be do these candidates get to question one another. >> john: but if they do i think a simpler way for joe biden to frame it is just say you believe rape victims should not have the right to terminate a pregnancy, so who should get the longest term if a raped woman terminates her baby the rapist the woman, or the doctor. >> eliot: i think joe biden needs to be ready for the framing of paul ryan -- and this is one of the switches and flips -- it is mitt romney was
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mitt romney who suddenly became the candidate of hope and change, as amazing as it sounds. and that's why i think what the vice president needs to be ready for is paul ryan saying over and over again to the vice president, you just said the middle class has been buried for the last four years. let me tell you how we are going to dig them out. and ryan is going to frame everything in terms of the status quo is broken. if you want four more years of this listen to these guys. [overlapping speakers] >> jennifer: any gaffes that they use he can say sometimes i make mistakes when i speak. it's true i am a human being, but my mistakes are nothing compared to the mistaken policies that you have. but anything that comes back to the status quo question, biden says look unemployment is at
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7.8% now, the jobs claim numbers well below what we expected. on friday bloomberg came out and said the growth of spending in government is the lowest it has been in 50 years. >> cenk: and i would say we are on our way to fixing what you guys broke. >> jennifer: exactly. >> cenk: and we talked about how karl rove is still very much in the mix. it's the same guys. it's the same money guys and rove getting the exact same policies that got us into the mess in the first place. >> john: and paul ryan voted to add $4 trillion to the deficit. he is the problem. this is the first vp debate in history where both candidates are roman catholics, and i would love to see them questioned about their faith and how their faith forms their policy and how
5:41 pm
their faith deviates from the vatican which is against the death a penalty, abortion and completely against the iraq war. >> eliot: that question is not going to be asked. >> john: it is not, but that's the kind of question i would ask, because if the guys are going to taught their faith on the campaign trial we deserve to know how much they are aligned with the vatican. >> cenk: barack obama attended martha raddatz's wedding over 20 years ago, and she is now remarried, et cetera. et cetera. it's an attempt to get her to take it easy on paul ryan. they put out the tape that they knew had already aired in 2007. why? don't be an angry black man. if you are aggressive at all in
5:42 pm
this debate you are going to be an angry black man. the story against martha raddatz is it going to work? >> jennifer: the moderator doesn't want to get in the way, but she wants to control the realm. and they need to respect her. and truly -- there will be a lot of women watching tonight, more probably than men because of all of the other sports events that are happening and if joe biden doesn't go right at the heart of women in this debate, he is missing an opportunity. joe biden for sure is going to respect the limits she puts on. >> eliot: and she has to ask follow-up questions. either give the candidates time to ask meaningful follow-up questions and say wait a minute you didn't answer this question -- or fill the void and
5:43 pm
say mr. ryan you did not answer the question. i'm going to keep coming at you until you do. she has to be the one that says you haven't answered. >> cenk: to me sarah palin exposed a huge problem with this debating format. because she couldn't do the debate. she didn't know the facts. so she memorized talking points. and whatever the issue was, she didn't care about the question, she just reiterated her talking points. and that's why follow-up questions are so important. >> john: but it leads to the question of bias if you ask to many of one candidate. so she could come out and say, i'm supporting paul ryan because president obama didn't bring a wedding gift.
5:44 pm
and it is done. [ laughter ] >> cenk: can you go outside the format? can you ask the other guy is question anyway? >> jennifer: i think people want to see that and people respect when you say something directly to somebody. if paul ryan fudges on the tax plan or says -- he's not going to do this. he'll have three examples of some deductions he is going to cut out, but say he said oh the math is too complicated joe biden should interrupt him and say we have 90 minutes. we're here. let's hear it. >> eliot: but your opponent should know how to turn and still avoidancing the question so it is a risk. >> jennifer: right. we have to go to break, you guys. you better come back because
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(vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. >> cenk: we're back on current's coverage of the vice president debate. obviously vice president joe biden versus paul ryan. martha raddatz is addressing the audience, so we are so close to the debate. they have already warned the audience not to tweet. what if that is not our audience. we will be encouraging you to tweet. and now i want to turn to before the debate what do you think the goals should be in the debate? >> john: after all of this time the goals of the campaign are still the same. i think the challenge is vice president biden needs to prove
5:49 pm
he has the brains and congressman ryan needs to prove he has a heart, and martha raddatz needs to prove she has the courage. [ laughter ] >> eliot: and who is dancing on the yellow brick road here? >> john: i don't know. but it is interesting that ted olson was the stand-in for joe biden. arguably the biggest pro gay advocate in the gop. >> jennifer: i think what they have to do obviously is -- what joe biden has to do is fight back in a pleasant way, and to get -- to gin up the base by speaking to people. he has got to be -- as you say the guy with the heart. he will channel the pain of what people are feeling and provide some hope, and i think that's a huge order, fight back provide hope, and gin up the base. but they have got -- it's not really paul ryan and joe biden debating. it is the surrogates barack
5:50 pm
obama, and mitt romney. so the minute you are spending too much time on paul ryan you are not spending enough time attacking mitt ryan -- mitt romney. >> eliot: i think joe biden has to become the image of hope and change. the president seemed so broken down. and joe biden has got to say we're still hope and change and reclaim that in an affirmative sense. and what he does bring to the table is his sense of optimism. and we're better off now than we were four years ago. >> cenk: i don't know if anybody will ever listen to me -- [ laughter ] >> cenk: but i would put aside the advisors and speak from the heart in a completely different way. i would say you cannot make the
5:51 pm
mistake of letting these guys back in office. if you do it we'll go back to the giant deficit. we'll go back to the recession and all of the breaks going to the rich and wars in the middle east, we can't go back there. >> jennifer: don't do it. >> cenk: right. and we're almost there. we're fixing all of their mistakes. don't put us in another hole. am i wrong wouldn't that work? >> jennifer: i think a plea from the heart -- reminding people where we were is important. that's kind of what bill clinton did at the convention. to remind people where we were. he used a couple of numbers that, 42 and 24. for the past 50 years, 42
5:52 pm
million have been created when democrats were in office, and under republicans only 24. >> eliot: he can use the arithmetic pain that bill clinton used. simple arithmetic. the emotion energy that you just brought cenk that's exactly right. >> cenk: as we were just talking there, i got a little buzz like nervous buzz -- like oh, my god, i hope he doesn't blow it. because if he does, then boy does that give more momentum to the republicans. >> eliot: when would you nervous? >> jennifer: always before. >> eliot: and when did you stop?
5:53 pm
>> jennifer: when the first question has been asked. >> eliot: once you are in the game. >> jennifer: once you in the game. >> eliot: it's the first 30 second of the game it's like watching athletes -- >> jennifer: you can see that in the president speaking first last time. you could see in the first question that even he was nervous. but once it gets going, you are in it. >> john: and you can see he was rattled. we have heard for four long years from our republican friends that joe biden is a buffoon. and it's a great chance for him to prove them wrong. and we have heard that paul ryan is a bot. >> eliot: a bot? >> john: robot.
5:54 pm
>> eliot: oh okay. [ laughter ] >> john: he is uncaring unfeeling. the stereo type that paul ryan has to overcome -- >> jennifer: cenk did that you know? [ laughter ] >> cenk: i approved it. >> jennifer: you are making a great point. everybody who knows paul ryan says he is a nice guy and a smart guy, and he is not going to come across as the bot -- >> cenk: but they say that about everybody but dick cheney. >> john: but if joe biden sticks to the facts of the ryan budget
5:55 pm
that's all he needs. >> cenk: i'm afraid to mention predictions, but let's do predictions here. who wins? >> eliot: i think joe biden wins. the persona, the sense of empathy he moats is real. >> jennifer: go ahead. >> cenk: me? okay. look, i -- i'm scared. i'll be honest with you. i think a lot is on the line tonight. that's why i'm on pins and needles. and i'll go 55 in favor of joe biden. not overwhelming at all. i think the fact that paul ryan is wrong might hurt him. and i hope that joe biden takes advantage of that point. >> jennifer: i think joe biden is the better debater -- i shouldn't say that because i haven't seen paul ryan debate
5:56 pm
but he is the progress er. and tomorrow i think the media will declare that it was a wash but i think it will have been enough to stop the momentum on the romney campaign side. >> john: this election has already been won by guys who own tv stations in swing states. but the winner will be the news media -- >> jennifer: that is a political answer -- >> john: if you had to ask me i would say vice president biden. however, governor romney surprised us last time. and i wouldn't be surprised if paul ryan has done a good job prepping. >> cenk: especially if a democrat wins they will definitely call it even. i say that because eight out of the last nine debates were won
5:57 pm
by democrats and the media called it even almost every single but we're not going to do that. and that's one of the reasons to watch here. [ laughter ] >> cenk: if you watch the last presidential debate we didn't call it even. >> john: in the era of false media equivalencies if you are going to be fair you can't be balanced. >> cenk: you know who is fair is the people at home. you'll see it in the tweets of the reporters and your own tweets, and they can't hide from that. so we break past that wall for you guys here with our opinions and your opinions as well. it will be an amazing
5:58 pm
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